Air Conditioner Maintenance


If you have experienced a summer day indoors without air conditioning, you know how essential your air conditioning unit is. Your air conditioner works hard during the summer which is why you’ll want to hire us at Larry Cook Heating and Cooling who can provide you with the proper air conditioning maintenance. Our maintenance plans can help you avoid larger problems in the future. Ask about our Silver and Gold packages.

A great way to prevent costly repairs on your system is to have your air conditioner checked on a regular basis. It is recommended that a yearly check in the spring before the temperatures begin to warm up. We provide air conditioning maintenance which can help identify any potential problems that may be looming on the horizon. Our air conditioning technicians will check the coolant level, thoroughly inspect all of the equipment, flush the drain line, clean the condenser unit coils, oil the fan motor and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional HVAC technicians.


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