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Ductless Air Conditioner Guide

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In Wichita, Kansas, air conditioners are considered non-negotiable household equipment due to our hot summer temperatures. However, it can be difficult for customers to select the best air conditioning system option for their home or business because there are so many air conditioning systems on the market and a ductless air conditioner should be considered as an option.

Recently, we’ve found that many homeowners and business owners are exploring ductless ac system options. Ductless air conditioning systems are a popular option because ductless ac installation costs are low, with no need for extensive ductwork, and customers enjoy many energy saving benefits.

In this article, we will discuss ductless air conditioning systems so that you can better assess whether a ductless air conditioning system is the best option for your home or business. To learn more – keep reading! Also, you should know that Larry Cook Heating & Cooling offers free estimates, creating a customized HVAC recommendation for our customers so that they can enjoy an HVAC system that best meets their needs. Depending on the customer, we can recommend the best ductless ac unit for the space needing to be cooled.  

Ductless AC Energy Costs

Ductless AC systems, also called mini-split systems, are a great energy efficient option as opposed to central forced air systems that contain ductwork. This is because the ductwork that is part of central forced air systems accounts for more than 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning.[1] Individuals who have invested in a ductless air conditioning system don’t have to worry about energy losses through ductwork, because no duct work is necessary.

Another factor to consider when analyzing ductless ac energy costs, is zoning and power consumption. Ductless mini split systems are relatively small and offer a lot of flexibility for cooling specific rooms. For instance, a homeowner could have multiple ductless ac systems installed for their home, allowing them to separate their home into various zones to be cooled and heated. Zoning allows a homeowner to specify the air conditioning and heating needs on a per-room basis. This is a great feature because it allows homeowners or business owners to only cool a space when it is in use. This saves on energy consumption and utility bills!

Depending on where you live, there are electric utility companies that offer savings to customers who upgrade their HVAC system to a ductless air conditioning system because they are highly efficient!

Locations for Ductless Air Conditioners

As far as design and functionality options go, ductless ac systems offer a wide array of flexibility. Ductless ac systems can be installed easily in a variety of locations depending on a customers design and comfort needs. For example, indoor air handlers may be installed from a ceiling, hung on a wall, flush mounted into a drop ceiling, or floor standing models.

The flexibility of ductless ac systems is desired by many customers’ who are renovating or constructing an add-on to their home or business because ductless ac systems often offer the best solution to meet cooling needs and design specifications. Even if your home or business currently has a traditional central air conditioning system, a professional HVAC company is able to replace the central air conditioning system with a ductless ac system. Ductless ac systems provide a great many options for homeowners and business owners.

Environment Friendly

As explained above, central forced air HVAC systems have ductwork, and this ductwork accounts for more than 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning.[2] When it comes to environmentally friendly air conditioning systems, the loss of air through ductwork is important to note because hot or cold temperatures being improperly leaked through ductwork results in an air conditioner working harder than it should to cool down (or heat) a home. When an HVAC system is working harder than it should be, it is likely consuming more energy than it should be, as well.

Additionally, many ductless AC units have great SEER ratings, ranging between 18-30. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy savings you can expect to receive. The cost to heat and cool a home accounts for the majority of the home’s energy bills. Because of this, many customers are investing in higher efficiency air conditioners and furnaces to save them money and be more environmentally friendly.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Can ductless ac systems improve air quality? They can, depending on the ductless ac system that you select. Ductless ac systems are a great investment if you are committed to improving indoor air quality. For example, LG offers great duct-free indoor units that utilize 3M Micro Protection Filters, which is a high air flow filter with low noise that collects microscopic particles such as pollen, pet dander, odors, and fine dust. Additionally, these duct-free indoor units have primary filters that are washable, antifungal, and the wall mount indoor units self-clean the coil to protect against mold growth.[3]

Another benefit of ductless ac systems is that they do not require regular ductwork maintenance, such as cleaning the ductwork and checking for leaks within the ductwork. This is because ductless ac systems do not have any ductwork. HVAC maintenance is still highly recommended for ductless ac systems, as doing so can help increase the lifespan of the system and decrease the likelihood of system breakdowns.

Ductless AC Installation

Interested in receiving a quote for ductless ac installation for your home or business? If so, call Larry Cook Heating & Cooling today at 316-322-5668. Our HVAC professionals have the knowledge and skills to install and maintain ductless systems. When it comes HVAC, Larry Cook Heating & Cooling is a company that you can trust. Don’t forget – we offer free estimates!   

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