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Ductless Split System Air Conditioners – Live Comfortable and Save Energy

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Ductless split system air conditioners and mini-split system, are interchangeable terms to describe a heating and cooling system specifically designed to provide cool or hot air to rooms without the need for ductwork. Split systems are popular options for home additions, garages, or rooms that need additional warmth or cool air.  Split systems offer incredible space flexibility because they do not require multiple outdoor units to cool rooms throughout a home or business. For example, if a customer desired a mini split HVAC system to cool their master bedroom, garage, and home office, generally they would only need one outdoor unit to cover these rooms and individual air handlers (such as wall mounts or ceiling cassettes) in the rooms being cooled or heated.

Split systems tend to work well in extreme weather – providing consistent comfort in a home or business despite freezing or hot temperatures. Customers often tell us how happy they are with their split systems’ performance, despite Kansas’ unruly weather. There are a variety of ductless split system air conditioners and heaters to choose from with different features.

Difference Between Central AC and Split AC

What is the difference between central air conditioner and a split air conditioner? Ductless or split ac systems are similar to central air conditioner systems in that they both have a condenser that is located outside of the home or business and an air handler that is located inside the particular room being cooled.

Split AC vs Central AC

  • Split AC: Split air conditioning systems are designed to cool a room per air handler, while requiring no ductwork. They are an easy to install and convenient option for homes or businesses with no existing ductwork, and for small spaces. Additionally, mini split systems are an incredibly efficient, long term HVAC solution.
  • Central AC: A central air conditioning system uses ductwork and vents to circulate cold air throughout a home or business. Central air conditioning systems are a great option if you have pre-existing ductwork in the space needing to be cooled. Additionally, central air conditioning systems tend to cost less up-front than mini split systems.

7 Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split System

  1. Easy and Affordable Installation. When thinking about split system ac benefits, the ease and affordability of installation is one of the first benefits that comes to mind. Split systems tend to be easy and affordable to install because no ductwork is required.
  2. Various Mounting Options. There are a variety of placement options with ductless split systems, such as, mounting against a wall, recessed into a ceiling, or placement flush against a ceiling.
  3. Attractive Designs. Customers don’t have to sacrifice style when choosing to install a ductless split system because there are so many attractive designs on the market. For example, LG offers an “Art Cool Gallery” split system that is a picture frame air conditioner, with a customizable frame.
  4. Energy efficient. Ductless split systems are more energy efficient than central air conditioners. Ductless split systems heat and cool with precision, delivering cool or warm air directly to the designated room without loss of energy through ductwork.
  5. Easy Temperature Control.  Ductless split systems throughout a home or business allows customers to individually control the temperature of each room. This is also an energy saving bonus because the installed ductless split systems would only operate when being used in that particular room.
  6. Save Money Over Time. While it’s true that split HVAC systems can cost more up-front, they help our customers save money over the long run. Ductless split systems are more energy-efficient than central air conditioners, resulting in less money spent on utility bills over time. Additionally, ductless mini splits are easy to maintain.
  7. Flexibility. Ductless split systems can heat and cool rooms. Most ductless mini split systems also remove excess humidity and some contain built-in air purification features.
Split system ac installation

Split Air Conditioner System Costs

Due to different customer’s specific air comfort needs, split system ac costs and installation costs will vary greatly. The cost per system will increase depending on the amount of rooms you desire to have a separate system in.

  • Average cost of a single ductless mini split is $4,500.00, including installation. Keep in mind that it’s important to obtain an individualized estimate for your specific HVAC needs, as prices can vary significantly. The price will vary based on the size of the ductless mini split and the application of installation.

Split AC System Installation

At Larry Cook Heating & Cooling, we highly recommend that customers hire a certified and experienced installation expert to install their ductless mini split system. Keep reading to learn about ductless mini split system installations, so you can better understand the installation process. An experienced and certified HVAC technician will help make your ductless split system ac installation a breeze.

Split system vs central ac

Ductless Split AC System

A ductless split HVAC system has three main parts: 1) Compressor; 2) Air Handler; and 3) Remote Control. The compressor is placed outdoors, and can be approximately 50 feet away from the air handler, which is located indoors. In addition to the compressor, air handler, and remote, an installer will use other materials to connect the indoor and outside unit for the required refrigerant and plumbing needs.

Choosing a Ductless Air Conditioner

HVAC systems are an investment. We recommend that you contact a licensed mini split AC contractor near you to provide you with a customized estimate. At Larry Cook Heating  & Cooling, we provide free estimates and are able to help you assess the right HVAC system and size for your home or business.

Contact Larry Cook Heating and Cooling to schedule a free estimate for ductless split systems to start saving money on your energy bills in 2022!

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