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Emergency Air Conditioner Repair During the Summer Heat

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Having the ability to confidentially troubleshoot air conditioner problems can be an extremely useful skill. It’s inevitable that even the best air conditioners will eventually require repair, as normal wear and tear over the years cannot be avoided.

In this article, we cover air conditioner problems that warrant emergency air conditioner repair. We think that this topic is important because many air conditioner problems are relatively minor, and may not require emergency service. Whereas, there are air conditioner problems that arise that could be dangerous if not fixed quickly by a professional HVAC repair technician.

Which AC Problems Should Be Considered Emergencies?

Wondering when you should call for emergency AC repair? Below we cover issues such as: AC has no air flow, smell coming from air conditioner, and air conditioner electrical repair.

Poor or No Air Flow

During the hot summer months, homes with no air conditioning can quickly become dangerously warm for individuals who are sensitive to excessive heat, such as those with impaired immune systems, the infirmed, and elderly.

If your air conditioner is not providing cold air, or limited amounts of cold air, yet looks like it’s working otherwise – it’s worth your time to check whether your air filter is dirty and needs replaced before calling for summer AC repair. This is because when air filters are dirty and clogged, an air conditioner cannot properly circulate air. Air filters should be replaced on a regular basis. In fact, we recommend checking to see if your air filters are dirty on a monthly basis.

The simple act of replacing dirty air filters with clean air filters does not always fix an air flow air conditioner problem. If your air conditioner is not disbursing cold air or is disbursing a limited about of cool air during a time period of extremely warm temperatures, then this is an air conditioning issue that warrants using 24 hour AC repair services.

Strong Odors from HVAC System

If you smell a strong odor emanating from your air conditioner’s ductwork or vents, then you should seriously consider scheduling emergency air conditioner repair. When an air conditioner is running properly, it should not produce any noticeable odor. Odors that are particularly worrisome are burning smells, sulfur-like “rotten egg” odors, and cloying odors (these are odors that smell exceptionally sweet).

If you notice a burning smell, you should be aware that this could mean your HVAC system is overheating – which poses a serious danger. In the event that you smell a burning odor coming from your ductwork and/or vents, it’s often recommended to deactivate your air conditioner as soon as possible to prevent the risk of fire and then contact a professional HVAC company immediately for AC emergency services.

Another red flag is smelling a sulfur odor or rotten egg odor coming from your ductwork or vents. For homes that have natural gas connections, a sulfur or rotten egg odor can be signaling natural gas leaking into an air conditioner’s ductwork which can be extremely dangerous. This is another situation that warrants contacting a professional HVAC company for emergency air conditioner repair.

Odors described as unpleasantly sweet can also be a warning sign of a serious HVAC problem. Many refrigerant gases used in air conditioners have an unpleasantly sweet odor. If liquid refrigerant leaks into an HVAC system, it could contaminate the HVAC systems’ air supply with gaseous refrigerant which can cause lung damage and allergic reactions. This is another scenario that warrants emergency ac repair.

If you find yourself questioning whether an odor emanating from your air conditioner’s ductwork or vents is normal or warrants air conditioner repair services, we recommend that you contact a trustworthy HVAC repair company.

Electrical HVAC Issues

HVAC systems have complex electrical infrastructure that, if damaged, can cause serious problems necessitating immediate attention. Electrical HVAC issues are best handled by an expert HVAC technician for your own safety.

If you suspect electrical issues with your air conditioner, checking your thermostat for error codes is a helpful air conditioner troubleshooting tool. However, sometimes HVAC electrical issues can result in a complete power loss which will result in a blank thermostat reading. Additionally, an air conditioner that works periodically or that only operates at certain settings is another electrical issue warning.

Air conditioners that have electrical issues may result in electrical fires, or other serious damage. For this reason, hiring a responsible and trustworthy HVAC company for air conditioner electrical repair is recommended.

For questions about air conditioning repair, including emergency AC repair, maintenance, and more, contact the experts at Larry Cook Heating and Cooling! We can be reached at 316-322-5668. Remember, even though normal wear and tear of an HVAC system cannot be avoided, scheduling regular HVAC maintenance appointments can significantly extend the life of an HVAC system and help prevent costly repairs. We recommend maintenance checkups every season, in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

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