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Larry Cook Heating and Cooling is hiring HVAC technicians in Wichita, Kansas. Our priority is to put our customers first, while keeping them comfortable and their HVAC systems running efficiently. If you are an experienced HVAC technician with residential and commercial HVAC skills to install, maintain, and repair HVAC systems, and you are interested in joining the Larry Cook Heating and Cooling team then we’d like you to fill out a job application by clicking the Apply Now button at the bottom of this page.

HVAC Technician Responsibilities

  • Inspect, repair, modify and install HVAC equipment including refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, receivers, condensers, chillers, water cooling towers, forced air converter units, pumps, automatic and hand valves, expansion valves and capillary tubes. 
  • Conduct regular preventive maintenance inspections of furnaces, refrigeration units, isolated heating and ventilating units, including boilers, gas, and electrically operated air conditioning equipment, and make necessary adjustments or repairs, service, and repair evaporative coolers.
  • Repair or replace defective parts in units and equipment and their controls, including thermostats, automatic switches, fan controls, log switches, damper motors, louvers, relays, filters, controls, belts, compressors, heat exchangers, high limit controls, pressure controls, safety valves, and automatic gas valves.
  • Operate a variety of hand and power tools, maintain equipment in effective and safe manner, and maintain parts and tool inventory.
  • Repair and rebuild semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and compressors for centrifugal refrigeration machines.
  • Perform skilled electrical maintenance work in the repair, installation and alteration of HVAC equipment, components, timers, motors and wiring systems as needed; connect motors to control panels. 
  • Test and examine boiler operations, observing meter and pressure gauges; conduct boiler water quality test and treatment; adjust boiler burner combustion.
  • Lubricate and pack heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air-conditioning motors, pumps, fans, and other equipment. 
  • Install and calibrate systems; install copper tubing and repair pipes and tubing as necessary; test joints and insulate pipes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems; flush boilers, descale tubing; rebuild pressure and temperature safety valves and water pumps.
  • Install, rebuild, replace, or repair fans, motors, thermostats, fuses, filters, bearings, valves, controls, gaskets, and other equipment as necessary.
  • Maintain related records concerning time, labor, and materials. Also, maintain log of tasks performed and write reports as required.
  • Demonstrate efficient and effective problem-solving skills.
  • Attend periodic manufacturer training classes.
  • Attend safety training.

Requirements of Job Position

  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Have a strong attention to detail
  • Be conscientious and a team player
  • Comply with all company policies and safety procedures
  • Perform any other tasks requested by management
  • Must have a clean driving record
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • At least 2 years’ experience servicing commercial and/or residential HVAC
  • HVAC Certification preferred

Career Benefits

  • Opportunity for paid holidays and vacation
  • Commission opportunities
  • Service vehicles
  • Uniforms
  • In-house training

About Larry Cook Heating and Cooling

At Larry Cook Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first and having the peace of mind that the job has been done well for those we provide services to. The Cook brothers, Larry Cook and Gerry Cook, grew up in the heating and cooling industry. During their youth, the Cook brothers learned the trade from the expertise of their father. As time progressed, the Cook brothers continued dedicating their time and energy in obtaining further knowledge of the industry, and providing both high quality customer service and excellent work. Larry Cook Heating and Cooling provides expertise in the heating and cooling industry, which provides our customers with confidence that we provide superior services for their heating and cooling needs.

If working at Larry Cook Heating and Cooling sounds like the job for you, please click the “Apply Now” link below. 

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