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At Larry Cook Heating and Cooling, we understand how frustrating it is for your heater to stop working when the weather is cold, and the extreme discomfort that comes with an air conditioner not functioning properly.  Larry Cook Heating and Cooling provides 24-hour emergency HVAC service in the Wichita, Kansas metro area, including the cities of Andover, Bel Aire, Cheney, Derby, Goddard, Haysville, Kechi, Maize, Park City, Rose Hill, and Valley Center. We service all brands, makes, and models. To find out more about our same day HVAC emergency repair services, keep reading!

Emergency Services

Residential or commercial, hot or cold weather, Larry Cook Heating and Cooling provides 24-hour emergency HVAC service. If you’re not sure if you need emergency HVAC services, the following are various situations that often warrant emergency HVAC service:

  • Strange Odors, Smoke, or Sparks. If you see strange odors, smoke, or sparks emanating from your HVAC system or vents, this is often a warning sign that something is wrong with your HVAC system.

  • Loud Sounds. Unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system should prompt you to call an HVAC professional right away. For example, unusual sounds may be pointing to compressor issues, loose fan belts, loose components/electrical issue.

  • Inoperable Thermostat. If you are attempting to turn the temperature up or lower the temperature on your thermostat and the furnace or air conditioner are not turning on, this is an indicator that something is not working properly on your HVAC system.

  • Air Temperature is Wrong. If you notice cold air instead of hot air, or hot air instead of cold air, from your HVAC vents – it’s time to call a professional heating and cooling company.No Airflow. If your HVAC system is not providing airflow or the airflow is inadequate, this could be pointing to a larger issue.

  • Frozen Coils in the Summer. Frozen coils can cause significant damage to an HVAC system. Be sure to call Larry Cook Heating and Cooling for 24 hour air conditioning repair.

Not all issues warrant calling a professional for emergency heating and cooling repairs. Items such as air filter cleanings, routine HVAC maintenance, and installations are examples of when customers are best served by waiting for normal business hours to receive HVAC services. Larry Cook Heating and Cooling’s normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Generally, all HVAC services provided outside of business hours are considered emergency HVAC repair appointments.

The cost for emergency HVAC services varies. Larry Cook Heating and Cooling is certified, with over 45 years of experience, and is able to service equipment of all makes and models. Our technicians receive on-going training and have the skills to troubleshoot and repair HVAC emergencies quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing high quality services at affordable rates.

What to Expect When Contacting Us for Emergency HVAC Services

If you were searching the internet for “24 hour emergency HVAC service near me” or “emergency hvac repair Wichita” and found Larry Cook Heating and Cooling – you came to the right place. To schedule an emergency HVAC repair appointment, simply call us at 316-322-5668.

Upon calling, you can expect to be routed to our HVAC scheduler for same day HVAC emergency repairs (Keep in mind, while most of the time we can accommodate same day service, there are exceptions).

Lastly, we have created a list of common HVAC troubleshooting tips for heater issues, to help you identify the issue that your furnace may be having and easy tips that you can try before contacting Larry Cook Heating and Cooling.