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Tips for Submitting Your RFP to Commercial HVAC Companies for Bidding

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Are you desiring to start a commercial construction project that requires HVAC services but you need help with understanding the request for proposal (“RFP”) process?

The RFP process for most commercial HVAC companies begins with a customer drafting a request for proposal then bidders will review the solicitation and submit their proposals to the customer. The bidders provide general contract and service objectives for the project within the proposal.

Once the customer receives all proposals from the group of bidders, the customer will narrow the proposal selection down to a small group of potential bidders and discuss pricing and technical details. The customer typically awards a contract to one of the bidders thereafter.

Types of Requests

A request for proposal (“RFP”), request for quote (“RFQ”), and request for information (“RFI”) are three distinctly different types of documents that businesses may use to reach out to the business community for suppliers or contractors that they desire to potentially work with. You may be curious what the difference is between RFP, RFQ, and RFI.

  • RFP. RFP is a request for proposal associated with a specific project that is planned by a customer and sent to a variety of businesses to see the businesses’ prices to get the job done.
  • RFQ. RFQ is a document sent to potential suppliers seeking bids for specific products or services. The request should specify the quality and quantity needed, and any applicable time constraints.
  • RFI. RFI is a document sent to suppliers for written information on the products and services that they can provide. Sometimes RFI’s are used simply to gather information to file away for future projects.

Types of HVAC Projects

When it comes to commercial HVAC and RFP’s, RFP’s can cover a wide range of services, such as, but not limited to, new construction, remodel projects, repair projects, maintenance, new installations, HVAC design, indoor air quality consultation, HVAC problem prevention consultation, air duct remodeling and repair, and more. It’s important for RFP’s to be specific as to what is being requested to get the most accurate proposal from bidders.

Understanding the RFP Process

Another important aspect of an RFP document is that the RFP include detailed information as to the project’s criteria. For example:

  • What dates do bidders need to have their initial bids submitted by? Keep in mind that it’s important to give bidders adequate time to provide accurate and thoughtful responses. If the customer’s bid is extremely detailed, more time should be provided to bidders to respond to the proposal request.
  • What date will the customer award the contract to a bidder?
  • When will the project work need to begin by?
  • When will the project work need to be completed by?
  • Any other specifications that are important to the customer should be noted.

It is time consuming for companies to properly respond to RFP’s and for customers to review proposals from bidders, so it’s important to make sure that accurate information is being communicated in the customer’s initial RFP.

Tips for submitting rfps in the hvac industry

What to Include in a Commercial HVAC RFP

When it comes to determining what should be included in a commercial HVAC RFP, you should know that quality over quantity is important.

Think about the criteria that you have for the vendors and contractors that will be working on your project, and specify this information in the RFP. This will save you time sifting through proposals from companies that don’t meet your standards or criteria.  The more details, the better. For instance, include information in the RFP about your system, energy efficiency, project, service, industry, certification, and installation requirements. You may also want to tailor the necessary criteria to find a more seasoned HVAC company with significant experience (For example, “HVAC company must have at least 15 years’ experience”) and request the company provide references.

Submitting Your HVAC RFP to Larry Cook Heating and Cooling

Larry Cook Heating and Cooling has worked on many commercial heating and cooling projects over the years. In the Wichita, Kansas metro area, there aren’t many HVAC companies with an understanding of the commercial industry like Larry Cook Heating and Cooling. This is because Larry Cook also owns and operates Larry Cook Construction, LLC, a company that specializes in commercial construction.

If you are someone looking to create an RFP for a new commercial project, whether it be an office building, restaurant, hotel or other type of business, Larry Cook Heating and Cooling has the experience to provide quality and efficient services.

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