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How Do You Know When Its Time to Replace Your Furnace?

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If possible, it’s best to have your home furnace replacement complete before the winter weather arrives. However, we understand that necessary repair and replacements for HVAC equipment cannot always be planned. It’s a good idea to be informed of various signs that point to a furnace needing repair or replacement.

The following list provides a general guide for signs that signal it may be time to replace your furnace: 

  • Your furnace requires frequent repairs, and the repairs are becoming more and more expensive.
  • Your furnace is making odd noises (for example: rattling or buzzing noises).
  • Your house isn’t being heated evenly throughout.
  • Your furnace is turning off and on frequently.
  • Your furnace has cracks, rust, or corrosion on it.
  • Your heat exchanger has cracks.
  • Your electric or gas bills for heating your home are increasing despite the same heat usage.
  • The humidity in your home keeps increasing.

If these signs sound familiar to you, know that it doesn’t always mean that replacement or repair is required, but often these signs are forewarning that it may be time to give your furnace attention.  It’s likely worth the time and effort to have an HVAC professional check on your furnace to give you an honest opinion on your furnace.

When should you replace your furnace

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

Generally, we’ve found that furnaces have a lifespan around 15 to 20 years. The furnaces that last the longest are those that are maintained on a regular basis, with maintenance items such as replacing dirty filters, cleaning, lubrication, and regular comprehensive inspection. The importance of HVAC maintenance cannot be understated, as the majority of furnace and air conditioner problems that result in HVAC failure could be prevented if discovered early. Regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected furnace outages during cold winter weather or warm summer temperatures, and for optimal energy efficiency. Most HVAC professionals would recommend that you consider upgrading your furnace if your furnace has been experiencing issues that require frequent and expensive repairs, no matter the age of the furnace.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Furnace?

A new furnace is an investment. The average homeowner spends around $3,600 to $6,500 (of course, this is largely dependent on the size and type of furnace selected) when it comes time for a new furnace. When preparing to replace your furnace, be certain that you understand the total cost to replace your furnace. This means checking that the total cost you receive from an HVAC professional includes the expense for the entire process, which includes, the new furnace equipment, installation costs to install the new equipment, the labor involved to remove your old furnace, permits, and any other changes to your existing HVAC system that may be required as part of the installation. It’s important that a homeowner selects a professional HVAC company with experience to ensure a worry-free installation with no surprise costs. At Larry Cook Heating and Cooling, we offer free no obligation estimates for furnace and air conditioner replacement. 

Do Home Warranties Cover Furnace Replacement?

Home warranties are a consumer convenience contract that homeowners can purchase to help lessen the risk of expensive out-of-pocket expenses if an appliance or systems stop working. Home warranties are not the same as homeowners’ insurance. Homeowners insurance differs from home warranties because homeowners’ insurance covers property damage to a home from events such as, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, fire, etc., and generally provides liability coverage if someone is injured on the homeowners’ property.

Most home warranty companies cover HVAC systems. However, it’s important to be aware that home warranties will only cover what is specifically listed in the home warranty contract between you and the home warranty company. Home warranty contracts can differ from one another, so never assume that something will be covered by the warranty! Also, keep in mind that there are many HVAC companies that don’t work directly with home warranty companies. What this means is that you, as the customer, will more than likely need to work with the HVAC company to arrange HVAC repair or replacement.

If you think that your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be worth it to consider purchasing a home warranty. Just remember to carefully review all of the terms and conditions of home warranties to make sure that you aren’t surprised by what the home warranty company will or won’t cover.

Scheduling a Furnace Replacement Consultation

Interested in scheduling a free, no-obligation estimate consultation with Larry Cook Heating and Cooling? You can schedule easily by calling 316-322-5668, or by scheduling on our website. At estimate appointments, you can expect to speak with an experienced HVAC professional who can give you their best recommendations based on your specific needs.

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